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First Look at ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC, which is producing the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, has released the first production still featuring the show’s zombies. Earlier this month AMC did issue a number of photos of make-up tests featuring the outstanding [...]

Full Toy Story 3 Trailer Online Now!

The first full trailer for Toy Story 3 is, at long last, online right now. It’s beautiful. Not just visually but emotionally. It’s been in theaters for a couple of weeks, in full 3D, but this is your first chance [...]

Max Brooks to Write ‘G.I. Joe’

At the San Diego Comic-Con IDW Publishing announced that New York Times bestselling author Max Brooks (World War Z) will write a five-issue G.I. Joe mini-series. Brooks wrote for Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 2003 and won an Emmy [...]

Episodic Gaming Changing Gamemaking?

Chris Morris, of CNN’s Game Over column, talks this week about how episodic gaming may be changing the way games are made. He explores the possibility that, with the success of GTA and Half-Life 2, developers may start looking towards [...]


Written by Kirkman with art by Moore, THE WALKING DEAD has received widespread critical acclaim over the past several months, attracting some of the most glowing reviews of any Image title since the debut of POWERS. Despite rising [...]