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Champions Online Delay Explained

Bill Roper On Champions’ New Date on IncGamers is an interview with the Cryptic spokesperson Bill Roper about the recently announced delay for Champions Online, the upcoming superhero MMORPG that’s now due on September 1. Bill offers the counterpoint to [...]

Terminator Salvation Ships

Steam News announces the North American availability of the digitally distributed Terminator Salvation game, which should also now be available at North American retailers. Word is: "Terminator Salvation, the new third-person shooter that takes place two years before the events [...]

Champions Online Delayed

Despite an announced July 14th release, Cryptic has today revealed yet another delay for their superhero MMORPG:
We wanted our fans to hear this from us first… We’re changing our Champions Online launch date from July 14th to September 1st [...]

33 iPhone Games for "REAL" Gamers

What’s a real gamer? Not sure… but GamesRadar is, and they have put up a list of 33 iPhone games that may just appeal to those types and rated them accordingly.
If you’re fortunate enough to own an iPhone or iPod [...]

WotC Boasts 138k Active ‘Magic’ Players

Since launching the Wizards Play Network (WPN) as its new organized play program, Wizards of the Coast has registered over 138,500 active players for Magic: The Gathering (an “active player” is one who registered for a DCI-sanctioned tournament in the [...]