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‘New Mutants’ #98 Goes for Nearly $16K

1st Appearance of Deadpool


There is no denying that Deadpool, Marvel’s "Merc with a mouth," is enjoying something of a renaissance in popularity these days with a popular comic book series and a movie adaptation in the works, but it still is a bit surprising that a mint copy (graded "10") of New Mutants #98, which features the first appearance of Deadpool, sold for nearly $16,000 at the recent Comiclink auction.  The total is quite possibly a record for "Modern Age" books (1985-present) and definitely reflects the growing popularity of Deadpool.
Rob Liefeld, who both wrote and drew New Mutants #98 (Fabian Nicieza scripted), reported the sale on twiiter and posted a picture of the book itself on Instagram.  The smart aleck anti-hero has certainly come a long way since his first comic book appearance in February of 1991.  Deadpool recently reached as high as #31 on IGN’s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes, not a bad showing for a character that was created during the presidency of the first George Bush.

Zombies Of Mass Destruction Coming to the Big Screen?

A new weapon has been launched in the War on Terror, and it’s undeadly. Or at least, that’s true in comics, where new title ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction has been optioned for the screen.

The book, by Kevin Grevioux (who sounds somehow like a Star Wars villain), sees a new US government weapons programme drop zombies into the enemy population, where they are designed to infect all the insurrgents but then melt away at dawn. Unfortunately for the US, one of the zombies – known as Zombie Zero – fails to self-destruct at sunrise, and starts spreading a plague of others like himself. So a team of expendable – sorry, elite – soldiers are sent in to take him down and keep the new programme under wraps, since we’re pretty sure that the zombification of entire populations is frowned upon under international law.

Honestly, one would think they would have learned already that messing with powers which man is no’ meant to ken would only end in tears. And, er, zombie armies. Still, parachuting their decayed, useless and toxic undead into combat zones is one way for the US to deal with George Bush when he leaves office in January (oh, zing!).

There’s no word on director, writer or cast yet, but the production company, Benderspink, are also behind the proposed film version of  Y: The Last Man, so let’s hope they can keep this one moving through. It could be In The Valley of Elah meets Dawn of the Dead – and who doesn’t want to see that?

First ‘Hillbillies,’ now ‘Acres’ to get real

HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) — Days after news broke that CBS was planning a reality-series revival of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” Fox Broadcasting said it is developing a nonfiction comedy that mirrors another rural comedy: “Green Acres,” Variety reports.

While details are still being hammered out, the show will take a rich, upper-class family or individual — possibly a celebrity — and move them from a big city to a much more spartan existence, most likely in the South. Cameras will observe as the former socialites, deprived of access to their bank accounts and Beemers, attempt to get a job, buy groceries and fit in with average Americans.