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Xbox Avatar Clothing Prices Revealed

As of today there are 6 different categories to choose "premium" clothing from and Kotaku has the full list with pictures and prices. The XBL Dashboard update will be available to the public on August 11th.
Monkey Island: SE [...]

MS Announces Halo Waypoint Portal

MS has announced Halo Waypoint, a new Halo portal on Xbox Live that is expected this fall. Announced along with the new Halo Legends Anime at ComicCon, the portal will provide players with the latest Halo news and happenings, as [...]

Sneak Peak at New XBL Changes

GearLive has a sneak peak of the some of the changes that are going to be made to XBL including some Netflix updates, Games on demand, Avatar Marketplace, User Ratings and more!
Avatar Marketplace [...]

Xbox Originals Becomes Games On Demand

Microsoft’s Xbox Originals service, which launched in December 2007, has now officially become Games On Demand.
Microsoft said at E3 earlier this month that one more title – widely tipped to be Halo 2 – would be released for the Xbox [...]

Halo: ODST Hands On Preview

IGN has a hands on preview today for you all, talkin’ bout that wacky game Halo: ODST. There’s some new mechanics they mention, as well as the Firefight co-op mode which they equate to Horde (from Gears 2).
There are a [...]

Comic Book Review – Outsiders #17

The Outsiders continue to move through their inaugural mission and an old enemy returns.
Geo-Force: Created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo for Batman and the Outsiders in 1983. Prince of Markovia, Brion Markov, is also the half brother of [...]