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Halo Wars And Dead Rising Are On Demand [Xbox Live]

Something old and something comparably new join the Xbox 360 Games on Demand lineup today, with Dead Rising and Halo Wars now available in convenient downloadable form.

If you have not played your fill of Dead Rising since its 2006 release, you can go ahead and it for $19.99 via Games on Demand.

Halo Wars, on the other hand, is a game I’ve had in my hand many times over the past few years, only to put it down before making it to the cash register. Perhaps I’ll find pushing a button much easier than handing over my credit card.

Or maybe I’ll just sit there at the purchase screen, hemming and hawing over spending $30 on a real-time strategy game based on a first-person shooter series I’m not particularly fond of, until I eventually B button my way out of the purchase. At least I can do it from the comfort of my couch now.


Devil’s Due’s ‘Xombie’ Getting Movie Deal

Dreamworks is in talks to acquire the live action feature rights to Xombie, created by James Farr, according to Hollywood Reporter. Xombie originated as a Flash-animated online series and was adapted into a Devil’s Due comic. The Flash series, Xombie: Dead on Arrival was released on DVD by Halo 8.

The property is also being developed as an “illustrated film,” which uses comic art, motion animation, 3D CGI, sound design, music, and voice performances in a motion comic-style production, by Halo 8.

The studio is looking at a Xombie script by L.A. cop/screenwriter Will Beall, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (View-Master) in line to produce.

New 360 Dash To Reduce The Size Of Game Installs? *Update*

According to GAf, CAG, and a few other sources, the new XBox360 dashboard beta version actually dereases the size of game installs on the HDD. NOw, if this is due to compression, or due to the fact that less files are installed, we are unsure at this point. Also you will have to delete the game and reinstall it to get the better size. As for if it runs at the same speed, we have yet to have a concrete answer on that. Here are some of the early numbers, though:

Call of Duty 4 0.2gb smaller, Call of Duty: WAW 0.1gb smaller, Gears of War 2 0.4gb smaller, Halo 3 0.6gb smaller, Battlefield: BC 1.6gb smaller, SFIV 0.4gb smaller, and Left 4 Dead 1.3gb smaller.


Xbox Avatar Clothing Prices Revealed

As of today there are 6 different categories to choose "premium" clothing from and Kotaku has the full list with pictures and prices. The XBL Dashboard update will be available to the public on August 11th.

Monkey Island: SE
Chicken With Pulley – 160 Points
Eyeball Necklace – 160 Points
Guybrush Threepwood Suit – 240 Points
Herman Toothrot Hat – 80 Points
LeChuck Pirate Hat – 80 Points
LeChuck Pirate Suit – 240 Points
Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch – 40 Points
Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab – 160 Points
Pirate Telescope – 160 Points
Seltzer Bottle – 160 Points
Stan the Salesman Hat – 80 Points
Stan the Salesman Suit – 240 Points
Treasure Hunt-ery Shirt – 80 Points

Fable II

Cup Tee – 80 Points
Fable Tee – 80 Points
Highwayman Boots – 160 Points
Highwayman Boots – 160 Points (listed twice, for some reason)
Highwayman Trousers – 160 Points
Logo Tee – 80 Points
Spire Guard Coat – 160 Points

Halo 3

Halo Cargo Shorts – 80 Points
Halo Crossed Swords Tee – 80 Points
Halo Hand Tee – 80 Points
Halo Hoodie – 160 Points
Halo Legendary Tee – 80 Points
Halo Long Sleeved Tee – 80 Points
Halo Medals Tee – 80 Points
Halo Stuck Tee – 80 Points
Halo Tee – 80 Points


Halo Beret – 80 Points
Halo Hoodie – 160 Points
Halo Laser Kill Ring – 40 Points
Halo Military Cap – 80 Points
Halo RC Warthog – 320 Points


Black Boots – 80 Points
Black Combat Boots – 80 Points
Bowler Hat – 80 Points
Breeches – 80 Points
Brown Bowler Hat – 80 Points
Metal Goggles – 80 Points
Newsboy Cap and Goggles Combo – 160 Points
Shirt and Vest Combo – 160 Points
Striped Jacket Combo – 160 Points
Striped Trousers – 80 Points


Blazer and Sweater – 160 Points
Brim Hat – 80 Points
Cargo Jacket and Vest Combo 160 Points
Cuffed Denim Jeans – 80 Points
Cuffed Trousers – 80 Points
Newsboy Hat – 80 Points
Recession Glasses – 80 Points
Shoes – 80 Points
Tortoise Glasses – 80 Points

MS Announces Halo Waypoint Portal

MS has announced Halo Waypoint, a new Halo portal on Xbox Live that is expected this fall. Announced along with the new Halo Legends Anime at ComicCon, the portal will provide players with the latest Halo news and happenings, as well as the latest media. It also will provide players will a "new challenge for Halo Gamers." Sounds exciting.


REDMOND, Wash. — July 23, 2009 – A renowned set of storytellers from some of the world’s leading anime studios in Japan are about to take one of the most iconic franchises in science fiction and video games to a new level. Microsoft Corp., in collaboration with some of the most acclaimed anime creators, today unveiled a new project called “Halo Legends,” which will bring the “Halo” franchise and its sweeping sci-fi saga to an entirely new medium, in the form of several original anime short films.