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Hardware Sales Remain Slow In Japan

Nintendo platforms continued to dominate handheld and home console sales in Japan during the week ended June 14.

Total sales fell from 111, 558 units to 109,148. Wii and Xbox 360 recorded weekly sales increases, while all other platforms saw marginal declines, according to data from Media Create.

DSi – 36,872
PSP – 26,904
Wii – 18,442
PS3 – 10,009
Xbox 360 – 8,015
DS Lite – 5,408
PS2 – 3,498

Found Photo: keyboard made from a tea-bag

This whimsical ad for a Thailand tea beverage makes no sense, but I want one anyway…


Oracle Buying Sun, Gets MySQL

Interesting news this morning, just as the 2009 MySQL Conference is starting. As is being reported all over the place, Oracle has agreed to buy Sun at $9.50 per share, giving them to a ton of great technology (Solaris, ZFS, MySQL, DTrace, etc.).

Magnetic "Cloud" sofa floats in mid air

Designer D.K. Wei came up with this awesome furniture concept: A sofa that floats on a magnetic field. It’s called "Cloud."


DS Continues To Lead Hardware Sales In Japan

The DS hardware is back on top in Japan, it seems. This week, even though all platforms saw a decrease in sales numbers, the DS did take the top spot with 57,000 units, followed by the PSP with 54,000 units sold. When the DSi launches here in the US, it will be interesting to see how it fares.