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Windows XP SP3 Causing Router Crashes

Windows XP SP3 has been named as the culprit causing home routers to go into a crash and reboot cycle. One router maker has released firmware updates to fix the problem, but has not yet revealed what is actually different [...]

Microsoft Evasive on 360 Hardware Changes

From all reports Microsoft has upgraded the Xbox 360 consoles coming from their factories, and modified the consoles heading back to consumers from service calls. The trouble is, they’re having a hard time admitting it. The company has always maintained [...]

Microsoft to improve Vista device support

Microsoft said Windows Vista now supports 1.9 million peripherals, up from 1.6 million at launch, in response to low-level but persistent grumbling from users about devices that don’t work.
In a keynote speech at Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in [...]

Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money

Tom’s Hardware has decided to take a step back with their latest video card review. Instead of wowing their audience with in-depth benchmarks they head right for what someone reading a review really wants, an opinion of the best bang [...]