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iPhone Battery Lawsuit Dismissed

It appears that not telling people about your battery replacement plan prior to them buying the product is not quite the same as really, really poor battery life. Unlike the iPod battery lawsuit, which eventually led to an out-of-court settlement, this one has been thrown out of court.


Transmeta puts itself, LongRun technology up for sale

After trying its hand at CPU design and being an IP licensee, Transmeta has finally decided to hang a "For Sale" sign around its own neck. But recent multimillion-dollar deals with Intel and NVIDIA suggest the company is actually in pretty good shape, and might end up being an excellent deal.


T-Mobile’s 1GB data limit on Android G1 dropped—for now

T-Mobile has decided to lift the soft download cap it had placed on G1 users that would have limited them to 1GB per month before having their data rates throttled—at least for the time being.


T-Mobile’s G1 Throttled After 1 GB Data Usage

By Michael Santo Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews Today was the introduction of the T-Mobile G1, the first Google Android cell phone. The launch event didn’t include details on the service plans, but closer examination of the plans after they were posted to T-Mobile’s site reveals some worrisome details.


iFix for iPhone

Apple has released new iPhone 2.1 software on its iTunes online service that offers to decrease dropped calls, improve the battery life, improve e-mail reliability, improve text messaging notification, reduce 3rd-party application crashes and reduce the time it takes to sync the device with a computer. Users have noticed more "bars" on the connection meter and have reported that it was faster performing key tasks. Last month’s update from Apple drew some criticism from users that claimed that it did not enhance access to high-speed data networks as Apple had predicted. In this update, Apple also patched 8 security vulnerabilities including the "passcode bug" they fixed last January but failed to include in the July iPhone 2.0 update. The other 7 vulnerabilities were the same 7 that were fixed in the iPod Touch 2.0 update earlier this week.