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District 9 Prepping for Sequel/Prequel

Could District 9′s Wikus Van der Merwe join the Sci-Fi icon franchise ranks of Ellen Ripley (Alien/Aliens) and John Connor (Terminator)? Already Neil Blomkamp’s tale of an alternative timeline in which grub-like bipedal aliens arrived in South Africa in the [...]

AvP Trailer, Details

SEGA’s Aliens vs. Predator Product Section has a teaser trailer with a snippet what may be gameplay footage from the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game in the works at Rebellion.
Aliens vs Predator is an entirely new title for PC and [...]

Zombies: Eat The Rich

A spectre is haunting capitalism – the spectre of flesh-eating zombies.
Think of it this way: the undead are divided along class lines. Vampires are pretentious, upper class toffs – idle, over-sexed fops the lot of them. Your zombies, on [...]