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Friends Become Enemies in FANTASTIC FOUR #6


This June, the fall of the first family continues in the explosive FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – a tie-in to Original Sin! From Eisner-award winning writer James Robinson, fan-favorite artist Leonard Kirk and the peerless Dean Haspiel– they’ve been a family ever since that fateful day they ventured into the cosmic unknown, the day the Fantastic Four were born.

Bonded together as family, Johnny Storm became the hot-headed Human Torch while Ben Grimm became the hideous monster known only as The Thing. Try as he may, super-scientist Reed Richards was never able to reverse the process and return Ben to his normal form. It is a failure that has haunted him to this very day. But what does Johnny have to do with Ben’s irreparable condition? And why has he lied about it all this time?

Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, Ben Grimm is about to learn that his closest ally has condemned him to a life sentence as a monster. And he won’t be happy about it! Bruised, beaten and broken both emotionally and physically, is this the end for the Fantastic Four? The dismantling of the first family continues as Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben crash headlong into Original Sin this June in FANTASTIC FOUR #6!

A Team Divided in FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in!


This June, witness another nail in the coffin of the first family, as they are torn further apart in FANTASTIC FOUR #6 – an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! From Eisner Award-Winning scribe James Robinson and fan-favorite artist Leonard Kirk comes the next blockbuster chapter of the world’s greatest comic magazine that will have you gasping!

They were the best of friends since that fateful trip into the cosmic unknown. The day the Fantastic Four were born, they became a family. Cosmic explorers – forever united. Johnny Storm became the high-flying, hot-headed Human Torch. Ben Grimm, the hideous monster known as The Thing.

Super-Scientist Reed Richards has tried time and again to reverse Grimm’s condition. Each and every time was met with failure. But there was a time when he possessed a device that held the key to permanently curing The Thing – until Johnny inadvertently destroyed it! Reed has kept Johnny’s secret for as long as he could – but now it’s about to get out!

“Something I always loved about the relationship between Ben and Johnny was how much it was like brothers, bickering, poking fun of each other, pranks…great moments that felt like real family,” said editor Mark Paniccia, “The secret that gets out will have a major effect on the two. It’s brilliant emotional stuff. Hard hitting and heart breaking.”

What will Ben do when he discovers that one of his closest friends and steadfast ally condemned him to a life sentence as a monster? It won’t be pretty. The fall of the first family continues as the Original Sin of the Fantastic Four is revealed in FANTASTIC FOUR #6!

Third "Fantastic Four" Teaser Further Hints At The Return Of Johnny Storm!


Using the recently unveiled image of the Fantastic Four by Joe Quesada, the latest "FOUR" teaser for November further hints at the return of the recently deceased Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch…

Since releasing the first two "4" teasers, speculation has run rampant that the title (currently known as "FF", aka "Future Foundation") will return to its original numbering with #600 and welcome the return of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Sells Out

Marvel is thrilled to announce Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at retail level) and will return with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Second Printing Variant! The hit Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, by acclaimed scribe Brian Bendis and rising star artist David Lafuente, has ComicsBulletin.Com raving, “this is a good story that does a great job of continuing the Ultimate Spider-Man saga.” Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Second Printing Variant also features the dynamic interior art of David Lafuente on the cover!

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, as it continues to garner buzz and sell out! Will Johnny Storm recover from his amnesia? What is Mysterio’s diabolical plan and how will NYC suffer!?

Fantastic Four 2 Wedding Pics

Fantastic Four Wedding PicturesLooks like in the upcoming Fantastic Four 2 there is going to be a wedding (not really a spoiler as this probably happens in the first 5 minutes of the movie and will be in all the commercials). In the pic you see to the left we have Johnny Storm walking Sue down the Aisle, I’m assuming to get married to Reed.

The first Fantastic Four movie was bad… no getting around that. But… I have to admit I sorta enjoyed watching it, so I’ve maintained a mild optimism about the second one, although I know that’s probably a mistake.

There are a TON of other wedding set pictures that you can find over here.