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Avengers vs X-Men Month 4 HeroClix Tournament 5/17/2014 – GamersCircle Comics Folsom, CA


Construct 350-400 points using at least one AvX starter piece & at least one participation prize or LE fig from AvX, then buy a booster or two to total 600 points overall (200-250 sealed, depending on your constructed build). Only the AvX versions of the previous characters are allowed (no CW FF Scarlet Witch, GSX Magneto, TabApp Wolverine, etc). Participation prizes is Phoenix Force Shard; the LE is Phoenixbuster Iron Man and Dark Phoenix Cyclops Colossal.

The colossal figs will only be awarded to players that have attended, multiple previous AvX events

UPDATE: Avengers vs X-Men Month 1 HeroClix Tournament 2/22/2014 – GamersCircle Comics Folsom, CA


Build will be 250pts constructed plus 250 points sealed. You may add up to 25 points from the sealed booster in order to make 500pts. However, the constructed portion may not exceed 250pts. The sealed portion will be 1 booster (Iron Man) depending on availability, with the option to buy a second booster. You may not use a different version of any of the figures in the 2 starters. Example: GSX Magneto, Chaos War Scarlet With, Secret Invasion Namor, etc, will not be allowed.

Cable LE plus many other prizes!!

HeroClix – Star Trek Sealed Booster Tournament


Date: Sunday, March 4th , 2012
Time: 1 pm
First Prize: Warship Voyager LE
Fellowship: Warship Voyager LE

Purchase 3 boosters and build a 300 point team, If you don’t like your pull, you have the option of purchasing one additional booster.

GamersCircle Comics – August HeroClix Tournament 8/27/2011


Captain America Battle Royale

DateSaturday, August 27th , 2011
Time:  1 pm
First Prize:  Two LEs from Prize pool
Second Place Prize: One LE from prize pool
Third Place Prize:  One LE from prize pool

We’re doing a Battle Royale.  Buy one booster, take a figure and pass the box to your right.

HeroClix: January Tournament 1/22/2011


1st Place Prize: Gale Force 9, DC 75 LEs TBD
2nd Place Prize: Choice of 2 Prizes from Prize Pool
3rd Place Prize: Choice of 1 Prize from Prize Pool
Fellowship: Choice of 1 LE Prize from Prize Pool

Prize Pool: Gale Force 9 Map ($30 value), DC 75 LEs TBD

Date: Saturday, January 22th , 2010
Time: 1 pm
Location: GamersCircle, 608-B E Bidwell St, Folsom, CA 95630
Phone: (916) 357-5615

Buy 2 Boosters and build a 300 point team.
Critical Miss? Get a prize!