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Major Changes to ‘Magic: The Gathering’


Will Eliminate Core Sets

Wizards of the Coast has announced changes in the way blocks will be released for Magic: The Gathering.  Beginning in the fall of 2015, Magic will shift from a three block set followed by a core release to a two block, twice-a-year format.
In the announcement, head Magic designer Mark Rosewater outlined the problems the constant reinvention and evolving nature of the game present the designers as its releases are currently structured.  Rosewater discussed limitations and concerns with the current format including the drawbacks of a three set block format (especially how to keep interest up for the third set); balancing the needs of new players and experienced ones for core sets; the problems of keeping the “metagame” fresh, since players can now communicate and interact more rapidly; the fact that storytelling is slowed by the three set format; and limitations on the ability to shift world settings as frequently as desired.
Wizards feels this new two block, twice-a-year format will address all of these concerns.  This new format will also lead to the elimination of the core set, and the rotation of Standard format cards every 18 months instead of 24.  The announcement was made now because since Khans of Tarkir will be the last of the three set blocks, there will be an impact on how long cards from that set will be legal for Standard format.
Beginning with the “Blood” set in Fall 2015, the yearly format will include a large fall expansion and small winter expansion set in World #1, then a large spring expansion and a small summer expansion, usually set in World #2.  “The first two sets will be part of one block and the second two sets will usually be part of a second,” Rosewater explained, while also saying “Magic is about change and you should expect us to shake this up a bit over time.”
The change will also affect the metagame, since the size of Standard will change as well.  Beginning in 2016, Standard format play will be three two-set blocks long rather than two three-set blocks.  Again, this means that the Khans of Tarkir block will only be in Standard for 18 months, as the new schedule takes effect.  Standard will still be made up of five or six expansions, but it will come from three blocks of releases instead of two.

MTG: M2015 Core Game Day – August 9th, 2014

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global scale with the newest cards.

Tournament Details:

GamersCircle Comics
608-B East Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630

August 9th, 2014
Tournament begins at 11 AM
$5 Entry Fee

What Do I Get?

This is a STANDARD constructed-style tournament! Each participant will receive a promo full-art Reclamation Sage(while supplies last) upon entry. Our top 8 competitors will also receive a promo full-art Chief Engineer.



Our first place competitor will be awarded the Magic 2015 Core Set Game Day Champion playmat!


Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers Promo Packs

More than a week away from the start of Magic 2015 previews, but Wizards of the Coast seems to get a little antsy around preview time, eager to show off some of the seriously cool cards and art that await players.

Wizards of the Coast also is getting really close to the release of Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers, a seriously cool game that they can’t seem to wait and show off.

You see, when you purchase Duels of the Planeswalkers, you get this cool six-card promotional booster featuring one of two alternative-art promo cards. Those promo cards just happen to also be in Magic 2015, and just happen to also be pretty awesome.


If you purchase Duels of the Planeswalkers for Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you’ll receive exclusive access to the alternative-art Soul of Ravnica. Access to the truly beastly Soul of Zendikar, on the other hand, comes exclusively with purchases for all of the other available platforms, including iPad, PC via Steam, Android tablet via the Amazon App Store, and Google Play.

If you just can’t wait and need to get a little bit more Duels of the Planeswalkers, be sure to check out the gameplay trailer!

Game Of Thrones writer hired for Magic: The Gathering


Bryan Cogman is to rewrite Simon Kinberg’s script for the Magic: The Gathering movie…

Plans are still afoot to bring Magic: The Gathering to the big screen, and news now reaches us that a writer has been hired for the project.

Bryan Cogman has been recruited to rewrite the screenplay previously put together by Simon Kinberg – who is staying on board the project as producer – which is based around the hugely successful card game of the same name. Cogman is a writer, producer and story editor on Game Of Thrones.

20th Century Fox is developing the project, although no director has been hired yet that we know of. Don’t expect the movie for a little while yet, then.

GamersCircle Friday Night Magic Changes


Two years ago, we changed our tournament start times from 6pm to 5pm to
accommodate the requests of the local community.  Once again; based on community
requests, we are changing our Friday Night Magic tournament start times back to the
original start time of 6PM.

We have new casual / competitive prize pools which are included with the $5 entry fee. 

You can find our tournament schedule here.