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Relive 50 Years Without Fear This April in DAREDEVIL #15.1!


Experience the life and times of Matt Murdock as told by his Eisner-award winning creative team as well as a few guest creators in DAREDEVIL #15.1 – an oversized special featuring superstar talents Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Marc Guggenheim and Peter Krause!

Matt Murdock, now publically revealed as the man behind the Daredevil mask, has begun working on his highly anticipated autobiography! As the Man Without Fear begins to dust off the cobwebs of his past adventures, who knows what untold stories might shake loose!

What happens when Daredevil catches a murderer while out on patrol, only to have to defend him in court the very next day? Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man) and Peter Krause (Daredevil: Road Warrior) have the answer as Matt’s double life leads to some hard choices!

SDCC’14: Across the Spider-Verse panel

The Marvel Spider-Man panel (Across the Spider-Verse) wrapped up a few moments ago, and here’s our summary of what was covered.


  • If you aren’t familiar with the Spider-verse event, it features the villain Morlun trying to wipe out all Spider-men (and women) across all of existence at the same time.
  • Spider-Verse kicks off in Superior Spider-Man #32. Superior Spider-Man finds himself trapped in the year 2099! Can you say Miguel O’Hara?  The issue is written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert.
  • If you have seen the big image, you know who will be part of the event – Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Peter Parquagh, Superior Spider-Man, MC2 Spider-Girl, Japanese Spider-Man, and more (Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Gwen for example).
  • Look for the Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Verse Team-Up miniseries during the big event.
  • Scarlet Spiders will feature Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Universe. The three-issue mini-series will be writen by Mike Costa with art by Paco Diaz.  The mini-series kicks off in November.
  • Spider-Verse Team-up will feature a story by Christos Gage and Dave Williams and a second story by a rotating group of writers and artists.
  • Have you picked up Spider-Man 2099 #1? (the new series by Nick Lowe, not the issue from 1999). Miguel is in the present time working for Alchemex. Issue #5 will be the Spider-Verse tie-in issue.
  • No idea why the panel talked about Daredevil (perhaps because Mark Waid was moderating the panel), but issue #6 ties into Original Sin, features Matt Murdock finding his mother (who is being extradited to Wakanda), and deals with some “real issues.”
  • Speaking of Original Sin, we all know by now that there was another person bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. She’s been locked up for years, and we’re about to see what Silk is all about.
  • Readers will get to know more about Overdrive in issue #14 of Superior Foes of Spider-Man.
  • The Edge of Spider-Verse series kicks off in October and will be weekly for five weeks. First week will feature Spider-Man Noir, week two has Spider-Gwen, and week three has a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man (Spider-Ham perhaps?). Issue #4 arrives in November and is by Clay McLeod Chapman, and Elia Bonnetti. The final issue features an alternate universe Spider-Man called SPI//dr.
  • Spider-Man teams up with Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #7. Also look for a new hero – Spider UK.
  • MC2 Spider-Girl shows up in Amazing Spider-Man #8.
  • “There’s rough stuff in store for every Spider character you’ve ever cared about! I’m very sorry,” said Dan Slott.
  • Spider-Man Unlimited, will be a mobile game app that launches in September, and looks to be a Temple Run type game. Players will be able to play 23 different Spider-Men.
  • No Spider-Man co-created by Sony (movies, and CGI cartoons) will appear in the Spider-Verse event.
  • Spider-Verse affects everything! That’s according to Dan Slott.


Sins of the Murdocks Revealed in DAREDEVIL #6 – An Original Sin Tie-In!


This July, the truth about Matt Murdock’s parents comes to light in DAREDEVIL #6 – an Original Sin Tie-In! After nearly 30 years, the untold story of Matt Murdock’s mother will finally be revealed, courtesy of Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid and critically acclaimed artist Javier Rodriguez! Raised in a broken home, Matt Murdock made peace with his mother’s absence long ago, even though he never knew why. Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, the Man Without Fear will be set on a path that will send her crashing back into his life! Only their meeting won’t be exactly as he imagined! What is the dark secret that tore apart the Murdock family? How did Matt’s mother become Sister Maggie? Matt Murdock’s journey to the truth begins as Original Sin opens the Man Without Fear’s eyes this July in DAREDEVIL #6!

Deadpool’s Getting Hitched – Your First Look at DEADPOOL #27!


Save the date! The Merc With a Mouth is about to become the Merc in Matrimony this April in the pages of the super-sized DEADPOOL #27 – from current Deadpool writers Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn along with an epic assortment of past Deadpool writers!

A day you never dreamed would come has finally arrived – and it’s going to be anything but traditional. For starters, his bride Shiklah is an ancient and royal succubus (see Deadpool: The Gauntlet). Believe us, the ceremony is going to be one for the ages!

“We’re complicating his life and we’ll be pulling him in different directions,” said writer Gerry Duggan in an interview with Marvel.com. “I think that’s something everyone can relate to, and will lead to some more fun comic books.”

But the main story is just the beginning! This super-sized issue is packed to the gills with new stories from all-star Deadpool writers of yesteryear – including Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Gail Simone, Daniel Way & Victor Gischler!

You will not want to miss this monumental issue as Wade Wilson ties the knot in front of friends and family alike when the oversized DEADPOOL #27 hits comic shops this April!

Smash into All-New Marvel NOW! With Your First Look at HULK #1!


This April, the Jade Giant returns for an all-new ongoing series from Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid and critically acclaimed artist Mark Bagley! Now is the perfect chance to jump on board as the epic “Banner D.O.A” begins in HULK #1!

Following the shocking ending of Indestructible Hulk – Bruce Banner lay at inches from death. As he clings to life, the mystery of his attacker will have everyone talking. Who shot Bruce Banner? And why did they want him dead?

“As our series opens, Banner’s at death’s door”, says Waid. “…having learned something about himself that cuts him to the quick and calls into question everything he’s been doing for what he believes is the public good.  And things don’t improve for him from there.”

“You’ll see Bruce Banner in a whole new light,” Waid continued.

Did his unknown attacker want Banner dead? Or the Hulk? One thing is for certain – if he survives, it won’t be as the same Bruce Banner we’ve known! And as the mystery deepens, everything you thought you knew about the Hulk will change!

How will the Green Goliath solve the mystery of his enigmatic attacker? How can he? Don’t miss a single moment as the explosive new series kicks off with a gamma bomb sized revelation this April in HULK #1!