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Doctor Strange vs. Forces Unknown in June’s NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1!


This June, the Sorcerer Supreme faces his greatest challenge yet in NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 – from rising-star writer Frank J. Barbiere (Five Ghosts, The White Suits) and acclaimed artist Marco Rudy (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, Swamp Thing)! Spinning directly out of the pages of New Avengers comes an all-new tale of the Sorcerer Supreme full of suspense, intrigue and horror.

The Incursions are not the only horrors threatening to end the world as we know it. There are darker, more ancient forces at work. Forces more powerful than Stephen Strange could possibly imagine. Now, stretched beyond his limits, Doctor Strange and an enclave of techno-monks high in the Himalayas must stand against the coming darkness. Though even together they may not be enough – and a bid for more power could cost Doctor Strange everything. No fan can afford to miss a Doctor Strange tale for the ages when the oversized NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 hits comic shops and digital devices this June!


Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada is set to revisit some very familiar territory in April with the release of Daredevil: Father, a 5-issue mini-series that Quesada will both write and draw.

According to solicitation information released on Diamond Comic Distributor’s official Web site, the mini will see the Man Without Fear contending with a serial killer in weather hot enough to cook pizzas under car windshields.

Imagine: in the blistering, peeling summer heat, a man with murder on his mind lurks about for an unsuspecting piece of flesh. He is alert. Quick. And hungry. And he’s good at not getting caught.

What is a costumed do-gooder supposed to do so that a pile of bodies isn’t seen littering the streets? Should you become a monster to catch a monster? In DD’s case, the answer doesn’t come easy. But then, being Daredevil has never been easy!

The mini-series will mark the first time Quesada has worked on Daredevil since the launch of the Marvel Knights. Quesada was the original artist on the then-relaunched title, written by writer/actor/director Kevin SmithComix-Fan

Spider-Man 2 Adaptation Writer Announced

The Washington Post has revealed that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer of the upcoming Marvel Knights series on the Fantastic Four, will also be penning the comic book adaptation of July 2004’s Spider-Man movie sequel.

Aguirre-Sacasa has won acclaim for his plays, which meld everyday life with weird, sci-fi and “comic booky” elements. In his new play, Dark Matters, for example, aliens mind-meld with humans to dramatic effect. In a nod to his comic book passion and his FF assignment, Aguirre-Sacasa named the main characters in Dark Matters Reed and Susan.