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How will WATCHMEN Affect Comics?

There’s a whole lot of Watchmen conversation going on in anticipation of the film’s March 6th release date.
DC wants to use the enormous buzz surrounding the film to hook new readers. Sales of the graphic novel have already skyrocketed, which [...]

Best Blu-rays For Gamers

Thanks to Sony’s foresight, a sizable portion of the gaming community is equipped with one of the most reliable Blu-ray players on the market.  Still, faced with an entirely new – not to mention more expensive – disc-based medium, many [...]

‘D&D Minis’ Less Random

“We are changing our approach to our minis product line,” Wizards of the Coast Senior Brand Manager for D&D Scott Rouse said of the company’s major changes to Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures. WotC will move the line away from fully [...]

EU is second largest video gaming territory

According to research compiled by Nielsen Games, the European Union is the second-largest videogaming territory in the world.
Gaming generated EUR 7.3 billion (USD 11.4 billion) in the European Union during 2007, compared with EUR 7.4 billion (USD 11.5 billion) in [...]