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Origin II #1

Featuring a special Collector’s Edition Acetate Cover! Part 1 of 5! A few years after the events of Origin finds James Howlett running with the wolves…until something unexpected brings him back into the world of Follow the first "X-Man," as [...]

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Marvel has announced new details about the 10-part X-Men: Battle of the Atom, the first major X-Men crossover event in more than three years, beginning in September and ending in October. Creators involved [...]

Your First Look At X-MEN: SCHISM #2

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-Men: Schism #2, from Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and superstar artist Frank Cho. The blockbuster X-Event of the summer continues as Sentinels threaten to wipe out all [...]

After Schism Comes X-MEN: REGENESIS!

New York—June 16, 2011—Marvel is pleased to announce X-Men: ReGenesis, a bold new direction redefining the X-Men franchise! X-Men: ReGenesis kicks off this fall in Uncanny X-Men #1 & Wolverine and the X-Men #1 and its ramifications will send shockwaves [...]