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‘Daredevil’ Relaunch

The Man without Fear will be getting an All-New Marvel NOW! relaunch with a new series by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee premiering in March, Marvel announced.  The current Eisner-winning run of Daredevil by [...]

Marvel’s ‘All-New’ NOW!

New Jumping-on Points for Marvel Series

Just a little over a year since Marvel re-launched many existing titles as part of its Marvel NOW! Initiative, the House of Ideas is going back to the well for renumbered re-launches [...]

New Marvel Minimates Revealed: Series 23

Fans of DST’s Marvel Minimate universe will be pleased to learn that the next assortments of their favorite super heroes are heading their way later this year!  Series 23 and 24 will feature all-new characters, villains and costumes, making these [...]

GamersCircle Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2:
1.) My review of Star Wars: Empire at War
2.) Top 10 Worst Game Controllers
3.) Ultimate Avengers DVD
4.) Spiderman 3 new Outfit? Venom?
5.) New Marvel Legend Series Action Figures
6.) Hulk is the new Sheriff in town
7.) X-Men 3 Movie [...]