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More ‘Marvel NOW!’ #1s in January

Comic-Con News: The biggest news for comic book fans to emerge from Comic-Con so far may have come from Marvel Comics’ Senior VP of Sales David Gabriel at the Diamond Retailer Appreciation lunch during which Gabriel announced that there would [...]

Universal Gets ‘Locke & Key’

The next step toward a Locke & Key feature film has been taken, as Universal has optioned the property with superstar writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as producers along with Bobby Cohen and [...]

Marvel Unveils ‘Iron Man 3′ Armor

Comic Con News:  Today, at its booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Entertainment revealed the latest version of Iron Man’s armor. Robert Downey, Jr. dons the new suit in Iron Man 3, which will be directed by Shane Black [...]

Superman Saves Home From Foreclosure

A struggling family that had taken out a second mortgage on their home to support a business venture that failed in the recessionary economy was saved from foreclosure when, in the process of packing up their belongings, they discovered a [...]