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Comic Book Review – Nova #15


Nova battles mercenary robots, avoids detention and reunites with Beta Ray Bill all in one issue!

Stan Lee reputedly hates teen sidekicks. Bucky Barnes will attest to that. For this reason, the Marvel Universe never had a Teen Titans type book until a new wave of creators developed titles like the New Mutants and Young Avengers. Instead, Stan made the teenage sidekick the star of the show – see a little title called the Amazing Spider-man. Even though Peter Parker was the foundation of the Marvel Universe, teenage heroes rarely followed in Spidey’s webbed footsteps. The current version of Nova is a welcome addition to the teen hero model for Marvel.

This issue picks up in mid story arc with Nova, 15 year old Sam Alexander, trying to get to a slave trader named Skaarn (not to be confused with the Hulk offspring, Skaar). The characters he encounters in this issue are very imaginative and I really like them individually. Cosmo the talking, psychic watchdog and a trio of mercenary robots are particular stand outs. I absolutely love it when robots speak in a human way. These guys all had personality and humor while being a legit threat to our young hero.

The big bad (Skaarn) did not get much “screen time” so he did not blow me away. His background was perhaps fleshed out in a prior issue. I was also a little confused as to the power set involved with being a Nova. I admit I haven’t read much about the Nova Corps. As expected, the teen hero uses his abilities by instinct and achieves victories by almost pure luck so, perhaps as a reader, I can fumble along with the main character. The sudden return to high school life was a very cool idea at first but in the end it really derailed the momentum the issue had. Nothing terribly wrong here with Duggan’s work and I love the fast pace but I think a little more detail and depth would take this story to the next level.

The art is the star of the show for me. David Baldeon’s pencils are clearly manga infused but he adds in comic book solidity and a depth of detail that make the figures look less cartoony. He easily moves from bug eyed aliens, to animals, to teenagers, to adults, to robots all the while bringing individuality and distinctiveness to each character. Nova’s emotional ride during the battle is well portrayed in the character’s positioning and facial expressions. He can confidently attack or lash out by instinct and you know exactly how well the battle is going at that moment.

Terry Pallot’s inks are a great compliment here from the classic dark navy blacks on Nova’s uniform to the singular but detailed line work throughout the different environments contained in Knowhere. The colors do a good job in addressing all of the different alien components while helping Nova to stand apart from this world by staying true to his primary color togs. The computerized effects are used sparingly and when needed without being a distraction.

In all, I am very interested to watch the development of this art. Although I have nothing against manga style comic book art, I think Baldeon is well on his way to creating something unique here. He shows a good blend of artistic elements and I want to see what he will throw into the mix next!

What to look for
I am interested to see if the big bad is a worthy villain or just another puffed up Mongul/Thanos/Darkseid wannabe. I also can’t wait to see Beta Ray Bill in action. All this plus more Baldeon art.

What might put you off
The breakneck pace may make you long for more character development.

This title wasn’t on my pull list but I will definitely be adding it. The art alone is worth the risk of the title being a little shallow. My bet is that this issue was built to be fast and furious and I will get the depth I need in future issues.


Title Nova
Issue Number
Release Date
Gerry Duggan
David Baldeon
Terry Pallot
David Curiel
Albert Deschesne
Ellie Pyle
Reviewed by Geoff Jolliff

Walking Dead Fans: Official Magazine ships 10/24/2012


The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine will feature an inside look at the comic and show as only a fully sanctioned quarterly can. Get exclusive access including in-depth interviews with Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer/Writer on the show; Glen Mazzara, Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer of the series and David Alpert, Executive Producer of the series. Readers will also hear from the leads on the hit television series including Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jon Bernthal. Also delve into The Walking Dead comic with Kirkman and find out what’s coming up for our survivors or find out how the comic’s artist Charlie Adlard keeps up with the fast pace of the monthly comic. We’ll have all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the comic, television show, and the graphic novels

Summit Sets ‘Twilight’ Finale

Summit Entertainment has announced that the final chapter in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 will debut in theaters on November 16th, 2012, a full year after Part 1 unspools on November 18th, 2011


Summit, which had only a seven-month gap between the two most recent chapters in the saga New Moon (11/20/09) and Eclipse (6/30/10), is slowing the pace of the release of the final two segments, a move that will prolong the life of the property, which is certainly good news for spin-off products such as Yen Press’ popular Twilight graphic novel adaptations.

StarCraft II Preview

Eurogamer has posted a hands-on preview of Blizzard Entertainment’s highly anticipated real-time strategy game, StarCraft II.

What’s blindingly apparent is that while this game is going to be fantastic for high level competition, exactly the same attention to detail and obsession with balance is also going to make it fantastic for us normal humans as well. Each strategy has a counter-strategy, each action has an effective response – it’s just down to you to learn them and, more importantly, to recognize when to apply them. The pro players will do that at breakneck speed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun for the rest of us to do the same things at a more sedate pace.

This is the beauty of what Blizzard is doing with StarCraft II. It knows that the game doesn’t need to be dumbed down for the rest of us – it just needs to avoid pandering to the ultra-hardcore mentality. Their labors over the past six years have focused on building something that’s accessible and deceptively simple, yet full of hidden depth. Another comment from Pardo is revealing. "It gets to that level where, hopefully, the game is as deep and strategic as something like chess, where there isn’t a dominant strategy," he told us. Like Chess, or Go, the rules of StarCraft II are simple – the games which result from those rules, however, are beautifully complex and nuanced.

Fallout 3’s "Point Lookout" Coming June 23

Not all of the news coming out of E3 is from the big press conferences; some of it just comes from talking to company reps. Joystiq reports that a Bethesda representative has narrowed the previously vague "June" release of the Point Lookout DLC to June 23. Bethesda has smartly been putting out extra content at a regular pace, almost once per month, so we expect that Mothership Zeta will hit in late July or August. This should put them right in line for the disc compilations that will be coming out soon.