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Exclusive ‘Justice League’ Animated Series


YouTube network Machinima has exclusive rights to Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, a three-part animated series that ties intoJustice League: Gods and Monsters, a new OVA that will be released in 2015, according to Variety.  The storyline for both revolves around an alternate Justice League in which the core characters, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, are darker versions of their normal selves.

The series will be released next spring, a few weeks before the feature.  The OVA is produced by Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett, who collaborated on Batman: The Animated Series.

The short series is the first project from Warner’ Bros. new digital content production unit.  DC parent Warner Bros. invested $18 million in Machinima earlier this year.

Iceman Unleashed! Your First Look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #31!


This August, young Bobby Drake has had enough, and he’s letting loose in ALL-NEW X-MEN #31! Blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes new series artist & Marvel All-New Young Gun Mahmud Asrar for a nail-biting issue that will show the world why Iceman is snow joke! The Future Brotherhood have been defeated, but there’s no rest for the weary – as the All-New X-Men must scramble to come to the aid of a mysterious teen with an unthinkable power!

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Mahmud Asrar join us as the regular artist on ALL-NEW XMEN…well, actually I can tell you—I’m beyond excited!,” says Executive Editor Mike Marts “As an editor, it’s always a nerve-wracking experience when you lose an artist as great as Stuart Immonen to another project (best of luck on All-New Captain America, Stuart!), but when you have someone as talented as Mahmud to fill that void, well.. things don’t seem so gloomy anymore!”

First Look: 2015’s BATMAN: EARTH ONE Volume 2

For the second time on Comic-Con preview night, DC is releasing first look art to a high-profile future project. In this case 2015’s Batman: Earth One Volume 2, the Geoff Johns-Gary Frank sequel to their 2012 original.



Ant-Man has new writers


After a shall we say, eventful spring, things have calmed down considerably on the Ant-Man front. The long-gestating, somewhat embattled Marvel movie lost a beloved director (Edgar Wright), gained a new one (Peyton Reed), is ready to roll any second now, and remains on target to make its July 17th, 2015 release date. In the meantime, plot details beyond a brief official summary are scarce, and really, other than Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Henry Pym (Michael Douglas) we don’t even know who any of the other characters are.

Well, this latest bit of casting news (coutesy of Deadline) isn’t going to change any of that. David Dastmalchian (who had a creepy but brief role in Prisoners) has joined Ant-Man in an unspecified role. That’s…ummmm…about all there is to say about that. Maybe he’s a villain. Your guess is as good as ours.

A little juicier is today’s report from Latino Review that Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have come on board to do some revisions to the draft most recently revised by Adam McKay (who was announced at the same time new director Peyton Reed was). This probably isn’t another indicator of things being desperately wrong with the project. Seriously. It’s not.

Ant-Man is out in just over a year on July 17th. Surely we’ll hear more about it in a few weeks at SDCC.


Mark Millar On The End Of Kick Ass


Mark Millar has news for us on the very, very, end of Kick Ass. Forever. Until we get a Justice Forever spinoff, of course. As the final pages from John Romita Jr make their way through to him…

Woke up, made a cup of tea, switched on the computer and a big email from Johnny with the final pages of the Kick-Ass conclusion, Kick-Ass 3 #8. It’s actually quite an emotional thing to see the final few pages of a comic that literally changed your life. Kick-Ass was not only a dream project for Johnny and I, something we did for free for the first year until the cash started coming in. But the success of the book and the subsequent movies, collections, international editions, toys, T-shirts and Pez dispensers gave us a chance to have that thing all writers and artists crave – complete freedom to write and draw the comic-books you really want to make.

Which for John Romita Jr, right now, is Superman.

Those 28 issues of Kick-Ass (and it really has just been 28 issues in total) have been very good to us and it’s quite sad to see it wrapped up, but also satisfying as we got to tell the story we really wanted to tell. It was tempting to let it run and run, but I’m so happy with the ending, the last couple of issues being my favourites of the whole run, and it’s just a really good place to leave Dave. His journey has been from a wee guy who lost himself in a world of superheroes because he didn’t like himself very much and it ends with him heading towards a Dave Lizewski he always wanted to be and thus doesn’t need the alter-ego anymore. Does he live or die? All I’ll say is that it’s what would happen in real life, this being a story based upon that conceit. But it’s a good ending and as sad as it’ll be never to write Kick-Ass or Hit-Girl again it’s great to have written, back in February, the closing four pages I actually typed up eighteen months before the first issue was published. You’ll understand when you read it.

Well, Millar has teased a fifth prequel book with Hit Girl and Big Daddy previously… but I guess that is no longer to be.

Kick-Ass 3 #8 is out next month, double-sized at 42 story pages, and Jupiter’s Legacy #5, the conclusion of volume one, is likewise extra-sized and out at the end of Summer. I finished these months back, but recently finished Starlight #6 and will be wrapping up final tweaks on MPH over the next week or so too. That means the 2015 plans can begin in earnest now, but a tip of the cowl to Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl as we prepare to say our goodbyes after six very happy years.