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‘Umbrella Academy’ Returns

Concept Art

Gerard Way plans to resume work on his popular comic book series Umbrella Academy in 2014, he revealed on Twitter.   "[Series Artist Gabriel Ba] was checking in to see how I was [...]

DC Announces Weekly ‘Batman’ Comic

DC Comics has announced that lead Batman writer Scott Snyder will function as a "Showrunner" on a new week Batman series, Batman Eternal, which will launch in the spring of 2014 and run for a year.  Snyder will coordinate [...]

Creative Team Leaving ‘Batwoman’

Continuing a run of creative defections from DC after conflicts over editorial decisions, J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman are leaving Batwoman after #26.  The move was announced by identical posts on the creators’ Websites titled "With a Heavy [...]

Flash Origin in ‘Arrow’

The CW confirmed that it will feature an origin story for Barry Allen as the Flash in up coming episodes  of the second season of Arrow, according to Deadline.  Casting is about to begin for the [...]

‘Pathfinder Online’ Tie-In

The upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO will be supported by two pen-and-paper role-playing supplements, which Paizo Publishing plans to release in January. Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep will be a campaign module, while the Pathfinder Flip Mat Thornkeep 2-Pack provides game maps for [...]

‘Elfquest: The Final Quest’

Thirty-five years after it debuted as a black-and-white comic book, Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest returns as it makes its online debut on Monday, September 10th on the Boing Boing Website with a new saga, Elfquest: [...]