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He! Is! GROOT! Now in His Own Solo Series!


This June, the Marvel Universe’s most famous tree is starring in his very own series! That’s right, GROOT #1 is coming – and you will NOT want to miss it! Comics rising star Jeff Loveness (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Amazing Spider-Man Special) joins Marvel newcomer Brian Kesinger (Disney Animation) for an epic galactic road trip of cosmic proportions!

It’s not all fun and games when, for the first time in years, Groot has been separated from his pal and translator Rocket Raccoon and forced to make it on his own in the big, scary galaxy. Armed with just the words “I”, “Am” and “Groot,” he’s about to embark on a new kind of adventure.

“We have the kinds of wacky situations a giant space tree can find himself in,” series Editor Devin Lewis says, “but we’re also striving to show what makes Groot one of the noblest and wisest characters in the Marvel Universe. There are as many feels in this book as there are chuckles, and it’s going to surprise people.”

Explosions! Intergalactic Hitchhiking! Aliens! Space Sharks! And that’s just the first issue, True Believer! Bursting at the seams with action, adventure and excitement – fans will not want to miss out on this epic thrill ride. The intergalactic road trip is about begin. Hang on tight when GROOT #1 sprouts up in comic shops this June!

Brian Michael Bendis & Art Adams Headline GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #1!

Guardians Team-Up #1 Cover

This February, two legendary creators unite for the out-of-this-world GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #1! Launching directly out of the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy series comes a brand new ongoing series bringing the breakout characters of the year to the Marvel Universe’s grandest stage for bombastic adventures with Marvel’s heaviest hitters!

Kicking off with a cosmic threat so massive, it’ll take more than just the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop it! Assembled shoulder-to-shoulder with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, prepare for these two titanic teams to unite like you’ve never seen before. What do you get when you combine the likes of Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Black Widow and Hawkeye? Total destruction! Yet as tensions run high, can these two teams put aside their difference and work together for the greater good?

Loot Crate Wakes ‘The Walking Dead’


The top comic in October, The Walking Dead #132, sold over 326,000 copies, according to indexes provided by Diamond Comic Distributors and calculations by ICv2.  That’s over 250,000 more than the subsequent issue; Loot Crate did a variant for its October crate.  If the full difference from #133 is due to Loot Crate, it’s been growing; that’s a bigger difference than the apparent sales bump on Rocket Raccoon#1, the last title so affected, which sold in 293,000 copies.

The Walking Dead was only part of the good news; there were seven titles with sales of over 100,000 in October, the strongest month at the top in recent memory.  Five of the titles over 100,000 were Marvels, including Death of Wolverine, which accomplished the amazing feat of increasing sales from #2 to #3, and from #3 to #4.  An unplanned delay in shipping for the ostensibly weekly book, which created a gap between #2 and #3, may have helped sales on the later issues by giving retailers time to increase their orders after seeing the sales on #1 and #2.

Two comics in the Top 10, one over 100,000 and one just under, starred female characters:  the new Thor #1 and Harley Quinn Annual #1, which had featured the notorious “Scent-icular” technology (and also featured an order what you want “Bombshells” Variant and “International Editions.”).  Two graphic novels in the Top 10 also starred female characters, Ms. MarvelVol. 1 TP and Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Hot in the City HC.


Marvel’s Star Wars #1 To Get Plenty Of Exclusive Retailer Covers


So, Marvel are going to want to launch Star Wars #1 with a bang. They will want it to be the best selling comic for January- by a long way. And here’s one reason why it will be.

One way to achieve this is by arranging exclusive retailer covers if, said retailer orders an inordinate amount of copies, then orders another inordinate amount with a cover exclusive to that store. They won’t sell them all that month, possibly not in the next year, but it becomes a store perennial, a feature, and a reason for some folk to visit that store. It’s an expensive solution for both retailer and publisher but it can reap significant statistical rewards.

Add an expected LootCrate or NerdBlock exclusive cover as well, and that’s another five or six figure amount to add onto the numbers especially, as with Rocket Raccoon and Amazing Spider-Man, the number gets added onto Diamond’s official monthly statistics.

Basically with this news and this prominence? Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday will be the biggest selling comic in January. Pretty much guaranteed.


To wrap up its animation panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel premiered early footage of a “Guardians of the Galaxy” cartoon. In the clip, Rocket Raccoon, appearing first in silhouette, fights off multiple flying robotic enemies before Starlord shows up, telling him, “If you’re going to hang out with me, you’re going to need bigger blasters.”


The short clip followed comments by SVP-Production and Creative Director Eric Radomski that the Guardians would appear in episodes of all current Marvel animated series, including “Ultimate Spider-Man,” “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.,” and “Avengers Assemble.”

“With the upcoming movie, we’re trying to get them into the minds of everybody who might not know about the Guardians.” Cort Lane, Vice President of Development & Production added that a Season 3 episode of “Spider-Man” will actually air early to get the Guardians out there.