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The Next Generation is Here – Your First Look at ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1!


This April, witness the birth of a super-team unlike any you’ve seen before in ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1 – the brand new series from critically acclaimed creator Michel Fiffe and rising star Amilcar Pinna!

As the world attempts to rebuild following untold destruction, we need heroes more than ever. Witness the birth of a new team of Ultimates – as Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell and Cloak & Dagger officially unite to tackle a vicious, rampant crime wave plaguing the streets of New York City!

“It’s a war zone in the streets of New York, Hell’s Kitchen in particular.” says Michel Fiffe, in an interview with Marvel.com. “Certain neighborhoods have been torn apart by the recent galactic cataclysm and crime is exponentially growing; local super-powered gangs rule the environment. That’s where Miles and the gang come in, to act with a grittier, more immediate problem while trying to find their own footing as super heroes.”

But Hell’s Kitchen isn’t the new Ultimates’ only problem. Diamondback and her gang of Serpent Skulls run the city’s drug & weapons trade and deal in citywide terror. NYPD detective Brigid O’Reilly and her anti-gang unit are on the hunt for Scourge, a new serial killer who’s exterminating anyone in a mask. They’ll get close, but not without a few casualties! And that’s just the first issue!

Don’t miss the blockbuster first outing of a new team for a new generation. The future of the Ultimate Universe is now – and it all starts this April in ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1!

DC Spotlight – Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1


FLASH FACT! He will drown the world – then rule it!

Indy Spotlight – The Guild: Vork (one-shot)

Hot off filming The Guild Season Four, Felicia Day returns to comics with five brand–new one–shots spotlighting the Knights of Good!

As leader of the Knights of Good, Vork rules with an iron spreadsheet. Having devoted his life to gaming and the pursuit of Goodness, he’s earned the nickname "Goody–Two–Greaves" within the game world, but there’s more to Vork than his guild knows. Written by Day and Vork himself–actor Jeff Lewis–this hilarious one–shot delves into the man behind the rule book!

Marge Simpson Bares It All


Iconic cartoon character Marge Simpson will bare it all for Playboy Magazine’s November issue.

The issue, set to hit newsstands later this week, will feature a five-page layout and a pull-out poster of the blue-haired animated character according to the Los Angeles Times. She will also be on the cover.

“It’s a very, very racy pictorial, with implied nudity at the very least,” Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s editorial director said. “Whether or not you see more …  well, you’ll have to hit the stands to find out.”

In mid-July, Playboy approached series creator Matt Groening  and the television show’s creative team about the prospect of using Marge on the cover, Jellinek said.

“They were totally on board with the idea,” Jellinek said. “This is their 20th anniversary, and they’ve got an episode coming out called ‘The Devil Wears Nada,’ where Marge will disrobe, so this sort of goes in hand with all that.”

The magazine hopes to drive up interest and sales among readers in their 2o’s.  The magazine’s average reader age is currently 35, sometthing Playboy would like to lower.

At the current time, the magazine has no future plans to feature other animated icons in lay-outs in the magazine.  However, if this issue sells well enough, you can’t necessarily rule that out in the future.

“We’re going to take it one fictional celebrity at a time,” Jellinek  said.


Magic the Gathering XBLA Will Contain Magic 2010 Damage Rule Changes

For the first time in ten years, new core rule changes were announced this past week by Wizards of the Coast for playing Magic: the Gathering, the biggest of which is the removal of the "Stack" concept for dealing damage. With the release of Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers for Xbox Live Arcade coming out next Wednesday, I decided to check to see if these recent rule changes would be reflected in the game. Here’s what

Wizards had to say:

Keywords and templating changes are not updated in Duels. Mana burn is not a factor in Duels (because the computer taps your lands for you). The biggest rules change for 2010 is the damage on the stack, and that isupdated for Duels. In other words, damage doesn’t use the stack in Duels, and that’s in line with the rules changes announced on Wednesday.