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‘Umbrella Academy’ Returns

Concept Art

Gerard Way plans to resume work on his popular comic book series Umbrella Academy in 2014, he revealed on Twitter.   "[Series Artist Gabriel Ba] was checking in to see how I was [...]

‘Sandman: Overture’ Slips Two Months

Second Issue Late February

DC Comics has canceled orders for the second issue of the highly anticipated Neil Gaiman Sandman miniseries, Sandman:  Overture, and is resoliciting based on a late February ship date.  That’s roughly two months [...]

Geek TV Rules

The geeks are inheriting the earth: ratings for geek-themed shows are now hitting the heady heights of major sports programming, and ad rates are following.  The Walking Dead’s ratings in the highly prized 18-49 demo topped both Sunday Night Football [...]

Flash Origin in ‘Arrow’

The CW confirmed that it will feature an origin story for Barry Allen as the Flash in up coming episodes  of the second season of Arrow, according to Deadline.  Casting is about to begin for the [...]

Two New ‘Terminator’ Comics

Dark Horse has confirmed that J. Michael Straczynski will write one of two new Terminator series.  The 12-issue series will have art by Pete Woods, and be set in the T4 time period.  It will launch [...]