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Will the New RIAA Tactic Boost P2P File Sharing?

The RIAA’s claim that it’ll stop suing people may have serious consequences… for the RIAA. When it dropped its attack on seven University of Michigan students, Recording Industry vs. The People wondered if the move was linked to three investigations, with MediaSentry as the target, before Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

Now, ‘LSA sophomore Erin Breisacher said she stopped downloading music illegally after hearing about the possibility of receiving a lawsuit, but now that the RIAA has stopped pursuing lawsuits she "might start downloading again,"’ says the Michigan Daily, going on to quote LSA senior Chad Nihranz as saying, ‘I figure, if there aren’t as many lawsuits they will come out with more software to allow students to download more.’" What about some of the other potential tactics we’ve discussed recently, such as the UK’s proposed 20£ per year film and music tax or the $5 monthly fee suggested in the US? Is there anything the RIAA can do to reduce illegal file-sharing without generating massive amounts of bad publicity?

Google search currently broken, warnings on every query

Google Search is currently not functioning correctly and returning "this site may harm your computer" on every search link.

And if you attempt to visit any search results you will be met with
"Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!
* Return to the previous page and pick another result.
* Try another search to find what you’re looking for.

PayPal joins OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation has announced the addition of PayPal as a member of their Board. In a move that sends very positive signals regarding the security of OpenID they are joining the ranks of Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo!. Andrew Nash, Sr. Director of Information Risk Management and a longstanding advocate for OpenID, is Paypal’s selection as their representative. You won’t be able to login to PayPal with your OpenID any time soon, but it is reassuring to see their expertise in securing authentication systems being brought to bear on the fast growing platform.

Gmail rolls out its offline options

If you use Google’s Gmail service for your correspondence, check underneath the Labs tabs in the upper right corner. You may be one of the lucky ones in the first wave of those with access to the service’s new option for reading and composing mail offline.

New Internet Explorer 8 accelerates browsing

New Internet Explorer 8 accelerates browsing  —  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of the most commonly used web browser in the world, has left beta testing and is now available as “Release Candidate 1.”  This isn’t the final release version per se, but it’s close enough …