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DC Spotlight – Flashpoint #2

The world-changing miniseries continues! Where are the World’s Greatest Super Heroes? Barry Allen is on a mission to find out or die trying – and that may be what’s happening as he tries to make lightning strike twice! Meanwhile, around [...]

Indy Spotlight – Torchwood #1

The hit BBC TV series hits the world of comics! This special debut issue features a story written by Captain Jack himself! Actor John Barrowman (along with his sister, Carole) brings you the story of [...]

Fallout: New Vegas Preview

GamesRadar has posted a preview of Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming role-playing game, Fallout: New Vegas.
The weapon mods make for a slightly deeper experience too, and they add an extra element of strategy to the [...]

“Eureka” Renewed

SyFy has given the green light for a fourth season of the quirky little town “Eureka.”
The network picked up the option for a fourth season of 22 episodes, according to SciFi Wire.  The current season was originally picked up for [...]