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WotC: Magic the Gathering – Commander

For those who haven’t caught the latest news from WotC, Commander is the company’s new name for what players currently call Elder Dragon Highlander, and the company will start support for it with five Commander legal [...]

Superman Saves Home From Foreclosure

A struggling family that had taken out a second mortgage on their home to support a business venture that failed in the recessionary economy was saved from foreclosure when, in the process of packing up their belongings, they discovered a [...]

Munchkin Like You’ve Never Seen It!

Steve Jackson Games has announced that the 19th printing of the Munchkin card game, which starts shipping to retail on May 24th, will have all the John Kovalic illustrations in full color. Reprints of the fantasy supplements for Munchkin [...]

Left 4 Dead 2 Sales & DLC

Valve announces that Left 4 Dead 2 has sold over two million copies in the two weeks the zombie shooter has been available, also mentioning that DLC plans for the game will be revealed soon:
Released just two weeks ago, [...]