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Black Knight, Howard the Duck and More Headline June’s ORIGINAL SINS #2!


This June, go deeper into the secrets of the Marvel Universe in ORIGINAL SINS #2 – the next epic chapter in the 5-issue companion series exploring the mysteries and sins of your favorite Marvel Universe characters! Featuring some of our most requested characters of all-time, each issue of Original Sins shines a revealing light on the most wanted characters courtesy of the industry’s top creators!

First, the Black Knight confronts the shocking truth behind the legacy of his heroic mantle in a new story from fan-favorite writer Frank Tieri and rising-star artist Raff Ienco. Long has Dane Whitman carried the Ebony Blade without knowing the true extent of its power – and the price it will cost him. Now, he’s about to find out.

Then, Eisner-award winning writer Ryan North joins artist Ramon Villalobos for part 2 of a Young Avengers story running through each issue of Original Sins. The Young Avengers are hot on the trail of the infamous supercriminal The Hood. Only when they ultimately confront him, it will have starling repercussions for one of the Young Avengers!

Finally, Eisner-nominated cartoonist Ty Templeton explores the Original Sin of the one and only Howard the Duck – and the Marvel Universe will never be the same!

The Watcher saw everything – and now it’s out! Don’t miss the untold secrets of the Black Knight, the Young Avengers and Howard the Duck when ORIGINAL SINS #2 hits comic shops this June!

Marvel: Spider-Man/Human Torch #3

Spider-Man/Human Torch #3 (Dan Slott, Ty Templeton, and Nelson) is very funny. It’s also a better portrayal of the emotional challenges that Spider-Man faces day-to-day than any of the ongoing titles starring him. That’s part of what makes the humor so effective: the contrast. It’s necessary for Spider-Man to have some happiness somewhere to allow him (and the reader) to put up with everything else on his shoulders.

He’s not the only character that’s better here. Both the Human Torch and Reed Richards are more interesting than I’ve seen them elsewhere. The art’s simply terrific, faithful to the past but active and easy to read. The dot-pattern backgrounds, like old printing, give the panels an out-of-time feel.

I never saw the original appearance of the Spider-Mobile or the Red Ghost and his Super Apes, but just saying their names makes me smile. This is a use of comic history I can really get behind: for enjoyment. I had to ask about Johnny Storm’s red outfit, because it looks like a set of kids’ pajamas, but apparently that’s authentic as well. Hey, entertaining AND educational!comicsworthreading.com