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UPDATE again: GamersCircle Comics – Comic Book Shipment Delay for 6/25/2015

The comics are in, they have been sorted, but the emails that went out were not correct/complete.  Andy is having to go through the system manually, title by title and pull for each customer.  However; they comics are in.

Again, sorry about the delays.

I will do my best to update this website/facebook/twitter and the google plus pages when I get more information.

GamersCircle Comics

UPDATE: Avengers vs X-Men Month 1 HeroClix Tournament 2/22/2014 – GamersCircle Comics Folsom, CA


Build will be 250pts constructed plus 250 points sealed. You may add up to 25 points from the sealed booster in order to make 500pts. However, the constructed portion may not exceed 250pts. The sealed portion will be 1 booster (Iron Man) depending on availability, with the option to buy a second booster. You may not use a different version of any of the figures in the 2 starters. Example: GSX Magneto, Chaos War Scarlet With, Secret Invasion Namor, etc, will not be allowed.

Cable LE plus many other prizes!!

BlizzCon 08: New Battle.Net Will Have Fees

A new version of the multiplayer browser Battle.Net will debut with Starcraft II. How will it be superior to the previous version? Well, it’ll be able to hit you up for money.

During a BlizzCon 08 panel discussion, Diablo 3 director Jay Wilson said, “We are looking to monetize Battle.Net so that we get to keep making these games and updating features. We kind of have to.” Blizzard wants to avoid putting in a subscription but yes, some as-yet-unknown features will cost money.

Apparently Activision really likes the word “monetize”. They’ve been using it a lot lately, first with Guitar Hero: World Tour, then with Call of Duty: World At War, and now Battle.Net. Guess they’ve settled on a strategy for their top franchises from here on out.
Quite possible the paid content for Battle.Net is something superfluous, like custom avatars for the browser. If they tried to sell special items or some such, an angry mob with pitchforks would gather. It’s also possible Wilson was talking about additional episodes for the game. Whatever it is, be sure to keep your wallet handy.

Joystiq has a bit more information on this:

With Battle.Net we’re definitely looking at possible different features that we might be able to do for additional money. We’re not talking about Hellgate or anything like that. We’re not going to tack things on. I think World of Warcraft is a great example to look at. We charge people if they want to switch servers or if they want name changes, things that aren’t core to the game experience, they’re really just optional things that some people want. It takes us some development work to do it, so it makes sense to charge for it. We would never do something like say to get the full game experience, you’ll have to pay extra.

‘PC Is Cooler Than Mac’; Now ‘Mac’ Quits Working

I haven’t had any of that sweet Apple Fanboy hate-mail in a while, so I thought I’d blog this little item with the kind of irrelevant headline that sets those iFingers in motion. I told you October 14 than in real life, the actor who plays the PC in Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads (John Hodgman) is much cooler than the actor who plays the Mac (Justin Long). Now Cult of Mac is reporting that Long has QUIT HIS APPLE GIG to spend more time on his fabulous movie career. Hodgman and Long are the best-known PC pitchmen since the “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell” guy faded into obscurity. UPDATE: Some are now speculating that Long left Apple because he will soon play the role of a hacker in the upcoming Bruce Willis movie, “Live Free or Die Hard.”


World of Diablo & World of StarCraft?

Robert over at Voodoo Extreme posted this today:

F-13.net is carrying a story that reports — according to a presentation from Vivendi Universal Games — that Blizzard will be making a massively multiplayer game for each of its major franchises:

“All Blizzard franchises will become MMOGs.”

All. They claim they have a model now to develop an MMOG in 3 years for $50 million. WoW cost 50 million euros and took 4 1/2 years.

They have bifurcated the MMOG market into two parts: long session games (more than two hours per session) and short session games (less than two hour sessions.) They will also be rolling out a bunch of short session games under the Sierra Online brand. An example is FreeStyle, a pick-up basketball online game scheduled for 2007 release. No details on pricing model for the short session games.

Editors Note It is about flipping time, I sure hope this is true. I would love to see a World of Starcraft, Starcraft 2. I mean I still play Broodwar for crying out loud!

UPDATE: This morning, Blizzard officially responded to last night’s reports: “No, that rumor is not true in regard to Blizzard. We believe that the rumor circulating about this subject is based on a misinterpretation of information provided to industry analysts. We do not currently have any MMO development plans beyond the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, and furthermore, we don’t have any intentions to focus on only one genre or platform with our future games.”

It’s better than a “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” denial, that’s for sure. Their comments put us firmly back in a “what’s next for Blizzard?” state of mind, which in the game industry is right where publishers and developers want gamers to be.

Editors Note again: I knew it, generally I don’t publish material like that unless it comes from the horses mouth, just shows you what I get excited about now.