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Marvel Unveils ‘Iron Man 3′ Armor

Comic Con News:  Today, at its booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Entertainment revealed the latest version of Iron Man’s armor. Robert Downey, Jr. dons the new suit in Iron Man 3, which will be directed by Shane Black [...]

Singer may draw Excalibur

Director Bryan Singer, after seemingly being out of sight for awhile, has surfaced in connection with another project — Warner Bros. remake of Excalibur.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer could come on as a producer if deals are signed.  [...]

How will WATCHMEN Affect Comics?

There’s a whole lot of Watchmen conversation going on in anticipation of the film’s March 6th release date.
DC wants to use the enormous buzz surrounding the film to hook new readers. Sales of the graphic novel have already skyrocketed, which [...]

New Astonishing X-Men Covers Revealed!

Marvel is proud to unveil superstar artist Simone Bianchi’s new covers to Astonishing X-Men #26 and Astonishing X-Men #27, continuing his red-hot run on Marvel’s popular mutants along with award-winning writer Warren Ellis!
With a quick sell out of Astonishing [...]


As odd as it seems, there are Iron Man fanatics out there. And they must be rather disappointed that Iron Man by Adi Granov and Warren Ellis hasn’t been out for ages. So for once, the idea of launching a [...]


The Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four has always been somewhat of an enigma in a world that deals with modernised takes on existing traditions and original storylines and unfortunately, the disconnected nature of the series to the rest of [...]