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MOON KNIGHT #1 Brings ‘Weird Crime’ to All-New Marvel NOW!


This March, illuminate the dark corners of the Marvel Universe with MOON KNIGHT #1 – from New York Times Bestselling writer Warren Ellis and red-hot artist Declan Shalvey! Moon Knight #1 will continue the exciting wave of All-New Marvel NOW! series with a fresh and sensational take on Marc Spector and his vigilante alter ego Moon Knight!

“The touchtone for this book, for me, has been ‘Weird Crime.’ Both ground-level action and high strangeness,” says Ellis in an interview with Marvel.com. “This is a take on Moon Knight that unifies all the previous takes, making the character whole and taking him forward into a new kind of crime fiction.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have this book out in front of readers. Moon Knight is one the most fascinating characters in the Marvel library and the depths that Warren, Declan and colorist Jordie Bellaire are taking him to will guarantee this book fits perfectly alongside acclaimed books like Daredevil, Hawkeye and Black Widow,” says Editor Stephen Wacker.  “This is the comic you had no idea you were waiting your entire life for.”

As a mercenary turned super hero, Marc Spector has faced down everything from werewolves, super villains to his own fractured psyche. Fearsome foes and gruesome threats permeate the darkest corners of New York City. Is Moon Knight ready for NYC? Better yet, is NYC ready for him?

ALL-New Moon Knight Series Written by Warren Ellis


This coming March, Marvel Comics will illuminate the dark recesses of the Marvel Universe as it launches a new monthly Moon Knight series by award-winning and critically acclaimed writer Warren Ellis (Iron Man: Extremis, Astonishing X-Men) and the outstanding artistic team of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire (Venom; Deadpool). Moon Knight will continue the Company’s popular All-New Marvel NOW! initiative with an all-new #1 that will be sure to redefine the mysterious vigilante and solidify him as one of Marvel’s most extraordinary heroes.

This gritty and bold era of Moon Knight’s history is orchestrated by Warren Ellis, who promises to introduce readers to the dark corners and unspoken fears of the Marvel Universe.

“The touchstone for this book, for me, has been ‘Weird Crime’.  Both ground-level action and high strangeness,” says Warren Ellis, in an interview with Marvel.com. “This is a take on Moon Knight that unifies all the previous takes, making the character whole and taking him forward into a new kind of crime fiction.”

Marvel Unveils ‘Iron Man 3’ Armor

Comic Con News:  Today, at its booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Entertainment revealed the latest version of Iron Man’s armor. Robert Downey, Jr. dons the new suit in Iron Man 3, which will be directed by Shane Black and will debut on May 3rd, 2013.  With the tremendous success of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, Marvel is hoping for big things from Black’sIron Man 3, which is loosely based on theExtremis story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov.


The new armor is sleek and features the bold dark red and gold color scheme. Marvel has it displayed in front of seven other iterations that show the evolution of Iron Man’s armor to its current state. 



Singer may draw Excalibur

Director Bryan Singer, after seemingly being out of sight for awhile, has surfaced in connection with another project — Warner Bros. remake of Excalibur.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer could come on as a producer if deals are signed.  “Transmetropolitan” Warren Ellis recently announced at his Web site he was writing a project called “Excalibur,” I don’t know whether this would be the same or not, but it certainly seems possible.

This follows other recent news that Singer will produce and direct an upcoming “Battlestar Galactica” remake.  His next directorial project is likely to be “Jack the Giant Killer,” an epic fantasy from New Line, according to THR.

I’m glad to see Singer’s name coming up so often, as I like most of the things he has directed and many of the things he has produced.  If there’s disappointment, it’s that he seems pretty unlikely to return to Superman at this point.  (I realize I liked Superman Returns more than about anyone else on the planet.)

I’d also like to see him return to X-Men, as I enjoyed both of his previous X-projects.   Variety indicates he could come on to “X-Men First Class,” though I don’t know if that necessarily makes more sense (to me, anyway) than his returning to do a straight-up “X-Men 4.”  Either way, I’d welcome a return of Singer to the X-Men universe.

Comic Book Review – Captain Britain and MI13 #12

This title stars a unique group of heroes seemingly plucked from the history of the Marvel Universe.  Because of this and for those unfamiliar with this book, I thought I would give a brief rundown on our cast of characters.  The holes in my memory were filled by Wikipedia.

Captain Britain: Created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in 1976 for Marvel’s UK line.  After being seriously wounded in an accident, Merlyn and his daughter Roma gives Brian Braddock a chance to become Britain’s defender.  Cap is most well known from his time in the popular 80’s series, Excaliber, as drawn by Alan Davis.  These days, Brian’s powers are directly tied to his confidence level.

Pete Wisdom: Created by Warren Ellis and Ken Lashley in 1995.  Pete is a former British Secret Service agent who has the mutant ability to create and throw energy knives.  Wisdom is the leader of MI13.

The Black Knight: Created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema in 1967.  After his villainous uncle’s defeat at the hands of Iron Man, Dane Whitman takes up the mantle of the Black Knight as a hero.  Whitman has at times wielded the Ebony Blade, a very powerful but cursed sword.  He recently discovered that his current sword is only a copy of the Ebony Blade.

Spitfire: Created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins in 1976.  After she received a bite from the original Baron Blood (the current Blood in this issue is actually her son), Lady Jacqueline Falsworth is given super-speed from a life saving, blood transfusion from the original Human Torch.  In this series, Jacqueline is revealed to have vampire traits left over from Blood’s bite although it is not clear if she is a full vampire.

Faiza Hussain: Created by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk specifically for MI13 in 2008.  Faiza is a doctor, a British citizen and a Muslim.  During the Secret Invasion, she somehow gained the power to deconstruct and reconstruct biological organisms on a sub-atomic level.  She now wields the legendary Excalibur and acts as squire to the Black Knight.

Blade: Created by Marv Woflman and Gene Colan in 1973. Blade is both human and vampire.  His mother was bitten by a vampire while giving birth to him.  He then trained to hunt vampires and has an ongoing battle with Dracula.  The success of the Blade movie from 1998 touched off the current era of comic book movies and was the first real success of a Marvel character on the big screen.

MI13: Simply called “the Department” by Warren Ellis in Excalibur, the group was renamed MI13 in 2006.  This follows the other, real British secret service agencies, MI5 (domestic – think FBI) and MI6 (external – think James Bond).  Its mission is to investigate “weird happenings” within the UK.

In this issue, Dracula advances his plans for the conquest of Great Britain and we are introduced to his team.  Spitfire speaks with her son, the current Baron Blood, on the moon and continues to sink deeper into Dracula’s thrall.  The remaining members of MI13 go in search of an artifact that will effectively keep Drac out of England.

Paul Cornell (Pete Wisdom/several Dr. Who novels) deserves high marks for this series.  He has taken a group of characters that almost seem like cast offs from other books and created an incredible group with them.  Although he is dealing with magic and mysticism, he never uses these elements as narrative crutches.  None of these characters, outside of Cap perhaps, would be featured in a series if not for MI13, but Cornell treats his heroes like they matter.  By giving the team upper level baddies to go up against, Cornell gives this book, a sense of credibility and weight.  Great writing and great characterization make this book shine.

Although Paul Cornell writing is astounding, Leonard Kirk’s (Supergirl/JSA) pencils are simply average.  His layouts are good and his backgrounds can range from excellent, to muddled – see the initial splash page and then the reveal of Dracula’s conveyance to earth respectively.  Kirk gives a kind of chiseled look to his figures and faces.  Because of this, they can come off a little stiff and sometimes body features can look disconnected.  His facial structures can also vary from panel to panel.  He excels when dealing with mystical elements and technology.  Softer textures seem to elude him as he lets his style override what he is drawing.

I did some research into Kirk’s previous comic work and only saw hints of his chiseled style.  His Supergirl work was actually rounded and softer.  At this point I am not sure if he is just maturing towards this look as an artist or if this book’s inker is simply accentuating the problem.  In any event, a little more flexibility in this book’s artistic palate would go a long way to making this book a more even read.

What to look for
The entire story is full of excellent moments and elements – you can’t choose just one

What might put you off
Dracula’s outfit is a little weird – I know they are going for royalty here but it looks like he has a dead possum on his shoulder!

This book is a fantastic read – keep it on your pull list.


Title Captain Britain and MI13
Issue Number 12
Publisher Marvel
Release Date 4/8/2009
Writer Paul Cornell
Penciler Leonard Kirk
Inker Jay Leisten
Colorist Brian Reber
Letterer Joe Caramanga
Editor Nick Lowe
Reviewed by Geoff Jolliff