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Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1


Hawkeye’s back in a bad way.  Armed and dangerous, Clint Barton is tasked with his most perilous mission yet. And what he discovers will reverberate in the entire Ultimate Universe.

‘Action,’ ‘Superman’ #1s Announced

20278sup%20action%201md[1] DC has announced four first issues for September featuring characters from the Superman family. Perhaps the most momentous is Action Comics #1, a new version of the most expensive comic collectible in history.  It will be written by Grant Morrison with art by Rags Morales, and, according to the announcement, “will set in motion the history of the DC Universe as Superman defends a world that doesn’t trust their first Super Hero.”

Superman #1, written and breakdowns by George Perez with art by Jesus Merino, provides Superman’s new status quo, his friends, loved ones, and his job at the Daily Planet.

20278sup%20girl%201md[1] Supergirl #1, written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with art by Mahmud Asrar, will give a new take on the character, with the unpredictable behavior of a teenager and no affection for the people of Earth.

Superboy #1, written by Scott Lobdell with art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean, tells the
story of Superboy as someone thought to be a failed experiment created by a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA.  We wonder whether this version of the Superboy mythos paves the way for an alternate version of the character as a way to dodge the granting of the character rights to the creators in the long-running litigation between DC and the heirs of Siegel and Shuster.


GamersCircle Comics Top 10 comics week ending 4/25/2011


Fear has spread across the land and has made its way to Broxton, Oklahoma. As the Broxton residents prepare for a major disaster, Iron Man and Stark Resilient head into action. On the eve of this cataclysmic event, the Armored Avenger will face many dangers, but the greatest danger of all will be facing Fear Itself in this tie-in to the biggest Marvel event ever!

Invincible Iron Man #503
Avengers #12
Uncanny X-Force #8
Batman #709
Uncanny X-Men #535
Silver Surfer #3 (of 5)
Deadpool #30
Invincible #79
G Fan #95
Chew #18 (Mr)