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GamersCircle Comics Thanksgiving 2015 Holiday Hours of Operation

Holiday Hours

Wednesday 10a – 2pm
Thursday – Closed
Friday – Black Friday Sale
Saturday – Black Friday Sale

GamersCircle Comics – Comic Book Shipment 9/9/2015


It would seem that next week’ [9/9/2015] will have have part of the order arriving on time and the rest of the order arriving on Wednesday.  Rather than processing the order twice.  We will be waiting for the entire shipment and will process it all at once.

What does that mean?
The new comic books for 9/9/2015 will be processed as soon as UPS delivers the rest of the shipment on NEW COMIC BOOK DAY vs the day before.  Since I cannot tell you exactly when that is, the emails will go out just as soon as we finish processing the entire shipment.

GamersCircle Comics Shipment for 7/1/2015


This week’s [7/1/2015] comic order is on time and will be available Wednesday morning, but due issues with data between the distributor and the shop, the emails will not be accurate again this week.  It would seem that any comic book / graphic novel that was ordered back in April is being impacted.

If you think that you should get comics, but don’t get an email.  Please feel free to call 916-357-5615 and we can tell you.

Sorry for any problems that this might cause.

GamersCircle Comics – Comic Book Shipment Delay for 6/24/2015


Due to a broken down truck, the shipment that normally arrives on Tuesday, isn’t going to be here until Wednesday.  The new comics will be here on Wednesday, just that they will not be ready until UPS delivers them and I get some time to process them.

I will do my best to update this website/facebook/twitter and the google plus pages when I get more information.

GamersCircle Comics

Shipping Update for Comics on Sale May 27, 2015

Due to transportation delays caused by a traffic accident, the shipment of comics for New Comic Book day on May 27 will be delayed.  Rather than an early date of Tuesday, May 26, they will now arrive on Wednesday, May 27 and it takes about 3-4hrs to process.

What time will the comics be ready?  This all depends on when UPS drops off.