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Xbox Live Connects Four $10 Classic Board Games

Kicking off the "Days of Arcade" promotion, EA Bright Light’s downloadable board game collection Hasbro Family Game Night hit the Xbox 360’s online marketplace today.

The free 237MB download packs four demos of classic Hasbro games: Connect 4, Yahtzee, Battleship, and Scrabble. The full version of each individual game runs $10, and requires players to have downloaded the Hasbro Family Game Night client.

Resident Evil 5 Ships 4 Million Copies Worldwide

Continuing Capcom’s tradition of announcing shipment figures in the wake of a major release, the company revealed today that its most recent zombie-killing effort, Resident Evil 5, has shipped over 4 million copies worldwide.

The publisher added that this is "the biggest launch of any title in the series." In all, the series has shipped over 40 million copies since it premiered in 1996, and the Resident Evil 5 demo has been downloaded over 4 million times on Xbox 360 and PS3.


Fallout 3: The Pit Trailer

From the last DLC for FO3, you got about 4-5 of game play for about $10

Call Of Duty: World At War Demo on XBL Now

Better late than never, we suppose. There is a co-op and single player demo of Call of Duty: World at War now available on Xbox Live. The demo weighs in at 932mb, so put it in the queue before you hit the sack. The demo features the Hard Landing campaign map, which is available in single player and online 4-player co-op.


Call of Duty: World at War DLC Coming March 19th

Activision sends along word that the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 DLC is heading to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on March 19th. Along with the DLC release date, they have included a new trailer for Verruckt (Zombie Asylum) a Nazi Zombie level found in Map Pack 1.