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‘Magic’ Helps Hasbro Stem Losses

Hasbro revenues declined 7% for the second quarter as the toy giant struggled to replace $174 million in sales of Transformers and G.I. Joe toys in Q2 of 2009. The $174 million is the difference between the revenue the [...]

Dead Rising Live Action Movie Trailer

Capcom’s announced that a live action Dead Rising movie will be sold exclusively on Xbox Live later this year, but only in Japan:
The Dead Rising movie is real and is directed the creator of Dead Rising himself, Keiji Inafune. [...]

Pets Coming to Xbox Live Avatars

Xbox Live Avatars are getting a little cuter and cuddlier tomorrow, with the arrival of pets. Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) announced that the new arrivals will come in at 240 Microsoft Points ($3) each. Varieties of pets include a [...]

Natal to replace TV remote?

It seems Microsoft’s plans for Natal are getting bigger by the minute. Marc Whitten, the general manager responsible for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, stated during the Streaming Media West show that he sees Project Natal replacing the [...]

Millions using social media on Xbox Live

Microsoft on Monday said that millions of Xbox Live members have used the new social-media features that the company pushed live a week ago.
In June, Microsoft announced it would begin offering Xbox Live users access to Facebook, Twitter, and [...]

Xbox 360 Getting Sky Player In October

Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service, will be introduced to Xbox Live in October, Microsoft has confirmed.
Announced in May, the service will allow Xbox 360 owners to access a range of channels and programmes to view live or on-demand.


2GB The New XBLA File Size Limit

Microsoft has said that it’s no longer imposing file size restrictions on Xbox Live Arcade games. In the early days of XBLA game downloads couldn’t exceed 50MB of data, a limit later relaxed to 150MB. Such restrictions no longer [...]