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Anita Blake #1 2nd Printing Sells Out

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures #1 2nd Printing has sold out at Diamond, pushing the sales of the first issue of this buzz-worthy series by New York Times-best selling author Laurell K. Hamilton well over 60,000 copies!
The Anita [...]

WoW – The Game That Seized the Globe

The New York Times reports on the global appeal of World of Warcraft. An unmitigated success world-wide, the article examines why the title’s U.S. roots haven’t stopped it from succeeding abroad. From the article: “Perhaps more than pop music or [...]

Spider-Man reveals Secret Identity

I never thought it would happen in my time, I would just assume that we all would go on through comic book history knowing that the Peter Parker / Spider-Man thing would go on and on.
The latest edition of the [...]

New WoW Alliance Race Revealed

Now.Imperfect writes “The New York Times is reporting that Blizzard has slated the Draenei to be the new Alliance race in the up-and-coming Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft. The article also states that E3 visitors will also be [...]

NY Times, Microsoft Build Vista App

The New York Times has joined up with Microsoft to build a new standalone application for reading the newspaper’s content on a PC. The tool, called Times Reader, was unveiled Friday in prototype form and takes advantage of the Windows [...]