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IDW Planning Zombie Crossover

At the New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing announced Infestation, a zombie-fueled crossover event that debuts in January of 2011 and infect a number of licensed comic book titles including Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.
To help [...]

Indy Spotlight – I, Zombie #3

Unless zombie gravedigger Gwen Dylan eats a dead person’s brain once a month, she loses her memories. The trouble is, for the week following a feeding, she shares her head with the dead person’s final thoughts and has to [...]

Indy Spotlight – IZOMBIE #1

Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery…and a zombie detective. Once a month, she has to eat a human brain – both to keep from going all "Night of the Living Dead," and [...]